Thermal Engineering

What Is Thermal Engineering?

Thermal engineering is a exclusiveness sub-discipline of mechanical engineering that deals with the movement of heat energy and transfer. The energy can be transferred between two mediums or transformed into other forms of energy, i.e. mechanical energy or electrical energy. This branch of engineering was originally derived from the many thousands of years of human settlement where people learned how to use heat to make energy useful in their life. Today the fields of research within the field of thermal engineering range from the design of new power stations to the design of cooling and heating networks for hospitals and offices, to the study of fluid flow in pipes and ducts, to the analysis and control of waste heat at industrial, commercial and residential complexes.

The Basics of Heat Transfer

Heat is an elementary principle in physics and consists of energy which carries a difference of temperature between two distinct material locations. For instance, the change in temperature from a room to a sunroom can be as high as 2000°F. The conversion of heat energy into kinetic energy is referred to as heat transfer. The heat transfer between two materials can take different forms such as convection and conduction. Convection can be defined as transfer of heat from one medium to another. For instance, if you place a cup of coffee on a coffee shop table, heat from the coffee can be transported through the air to the surroundings. Consequently, when you take your cup of coffee and place it in a bowl of hot water, the coffee should not absorb the water and become cold.

Thermodynamics and Applications

Electromagnetism Electromagnetic Force (E) Electromagnetic spectrum (EM) Voltage Motion Pressure Pressure Fluids and Systems Volume (V) Viscosity Thermal Efficiency Heat Transfer Thermal Energy Transpiration Water Properties Flow (joules per second) Temperature (kelvins) Working (degrees Fahrenheit) Vapor Pressure In addition to these, one may also expect the following: Biography A listing of the company and relevant contact information Statements of Company Ownership Listing on the stock exchange or other approved listing sites A statement regarding company policy relating to buybacks, dividend, performance of the stock and option holders Also, the first place of business for the company, if applicable. The company must be open to investors.


The first thing to note is that thermal engineering is an applied discipline as opposed to a theoretical one. This is because there is a very good chance that you might get into a job involving it, but you will not know the exact nature of the job until you see how it actually looks in practice. It is for this reason that the introductory article will start with a description of what thermal engineering actually is, followed by a few essential points that you will need to understand in order to be a successful thermal engineer. The following article will also explain how you can succeed in the course of your thermal engineering career.

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