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In economic theory, the price of a finished item affects the factors of production, the various costs and incentives of producing it, so as to 'attract' it toward a theoretical Factor price. In other words it is the concept that the price of an item tends to approach the cost of producing it. There has been much debate as to what determines factor prices. Classical and Marxist economists argued that the factor prices decided the value of a product and so value was intrinsic within the product. For this reason, the term 'natural price' is often instead used.

Introduction to cost factor problems solve

Generally in business math problems are deals with profit or face loss. The cost factor of a thing is fixed by taking into consideration of its profit, margin, cash discount, trade discount, etc. The price marked on the article is called catalogue price or marked price. For trading, the manufacturer suggests a discount and average cost of the product cost in the market price to the buyer.Here we are going to see about the article called cost factor problems solve.

Solved Cost Factor Problems

Problem 1:

  • A Boolinger bought 95 pairs of shoes for the cost $1200. In the amount of 95 pairs of shoes 22 are damaged . Then the Boolinger sold the pairs of shoes for the cost 73 of each pairs. Calculate and solve his cost factor of profit or loss .


Cost Price of 95 pairs of shoes s = $1200

22 pairs of shoes were damaged.

Remaining pair of shoes = 95 – 22= 73

Selling Price of one pairs of shoes = 73

Selling Price of 73 pairs of shoes = 73 × 73 = $ 5329.

Here the sales Price is greater than Cost Price.

Profit = Selling Price – Cost Price

= 5329 – 1200 = $4129

Profit % = `(profit)/(cost price)` × 100

`4129/1200 ` x 100

The cost factor percentage is = 344.083 %

Problem 2:

  • A fruit seller bought 55 fruits for the cost 120. Among the 55 fruits 19 are damaged. Then he sold the undamaged fruits for the cost 27 each. Calculate and find the profit or loss percent of his business.


Cost Price of 55 fruits = $120.

19 are damaged fruits.

Remaining fruits = 55 – 19 = 36

Selling Price of one fruit is = $27

Selling Price of 27 fruits = 27 × 36 = $972.

Here the sales Price is greater than Cost Price.

Profit = Selling Price – Cost Price

= 972 – 120 = $852

Profit % = `(profit)/(cost price)` × 100

= `852/120` × 100

The cost factor percentage is = 710 %

It is a method of combination of two independent agricultural practices within the same farm. A usual case of mixed farming is the combined crop practice with dairy enterprise or crop harvestment along with livestock maintenance. It is a form of diverse farming which with a specific combination of two methods that can support one another and act as an added profit to farmers.

Introduction to Mixed Farming

Ancient farming practices also included maintenance of both the cattle and different field crops. The manure obtained from the livestock was used as fertilizer for the fields whereas the plant fodder was used as feed for the cattle. The animals were also used to plough the fields and fetch water from the wells. Thus mixed farming sustained and satisfied the primary needs of the farmers. The protraction of mixed farming system relies mainly on the quality of soil and cattle, Location, availability of water, topography, modern technologies available to the farmers and economic situations. Such a mixed farming system assures long lasting fertility and more efficient use of all natural resources related to farming practices.

Factors Affecting Mixed Farming System:

External factors:

Weather, market prices, stability of political situations, modern technological availabilities

Internal factors:

Soil characterization, Number of farmers or families involved

Advantages of Mixed Farming:

  1. Maintenance of soil fertility by interchanged cultivation of crops.
  2. Permits crop rotation along with livestock management.
  3. For receiving draught of animals for farming practices.
  4. Recycling and organic farming opportunities.
  5. Preservation of soil biodiversity.
  6. Reduce soil erosion
  7. Conservation of water and habitat for birds.
  8. Maximum use of farming and reduced labor when different families are involved.
  9. Intensified cultivation and proper use of farm by products.

10. High profit chances for farmers.

Important mixed farming systems:

  1. Food-fodder farming method: Cultivation of grains such as maize and rice along with fodder farms such as sorghum etc.
  2. Agro-forestry system: Planting trees like oak with crops like pepper, coffee.
  3. Horti-pastoral system: growing crops along with garden plants.

Introduction to housing property values

Real Estate or the Housing market has taken a hit out in the Western World. Evaluation of the housing market varies across various dimensions and are based on the local market conditions and demand for that property or type of property. The US Housing Market took a hit due to the global recession. The recession caused individuals to default on their mortgage payments and sent houses down the foreclosure spiral. While conversely in the Eastern World in countries such as India the housing market continues to flourish more so due to added demand due to highernumber of occupants or population in other terms.

Evaluating Factors for Housing Property Values

When evaluating a certain plot of land or rather a residential house, numerous factors go into consideration such as the area where the house is located, the size of the house, the condition of the house, the accessibility of everyday amenities next to the house, the demand for that property or neighboring properties, even the reputation of the neighbors can influence the value of your property. In the USA, cities such as Las Vegas which are filled with new residential properties ready to be sold right of the hot pan are in a world of their own problems. The houses lie lined up shimmering in the hot Nevada sun as new properties but their values plummet each day, due to one word which controls it all, demand.

Due to the recession in the USA , people cannot afford housing, there are more houses in the market now then expected, supply has super seeded demand and housing prices have plummeted to the ground. What used to be a dream house has become a house an Average Joe can afford now. The recent legislation by the Obama Administration to pump in money into the mortgage crisis ridden industry might redeem some results but not before a few years when all of this is sorted out. People are loosing money in the real estate market their house used as a leverage revels them less now then what it would have.

On the other side of the coin, property values in countries that are heavily populated such as India are on the rise. Real Estate is the way to go. You want to make some good quick cash, look no further then real estate. The demand per square inch of land is high, in a country where 6 people share a one bedroom apartment, land is scarce, population is high and demand is through the roof. Cities such as Mumbai have sky rocketing real estate prices. Instead of communities growing horizontally they are growing vertically. Houses are being stacked on each other in the form of huge multi storied residential communities rather than the USA where we have the Bunglow system and each house has it own backyard and or a pool. The two worlds are miles apart.

When an appraisal is done to evaluate the value of a property like mentioned above many factors go into consideration, for example when a gas station is evaluated for sale in the USA, the condition of its canopy, pumps, and inside store sales are seen or considered to gain momentum in the commercial loan. In the same way when an appraisal is done for a house, its condition is checked; different tests are run for mold, for air quality for soil quality around the house before a value is set. Running different scientific tests pint points the accurate condition of the house, given that the fresh coat of paint does not fool the buyer. Obviously the reputation of the community comes into play, is or has the community had a god reputation in the past, has their been crimes in the neighborhood all those factors can devalue your property and yes if your property is located in the heart of the city surrounded by tons of markets, shops that give life a meaning everyday you can be rest assured to fetch a good price for your house.

In the end it all boils down to many numerous factors which decide the housing property value. The examples used in this article clearly differentiate how the same factors can bring about different prices Ior values within different continents driven by different factors. Now the choice is with you, choose wisely, live well, when you get the opportunity sell a good property and move to a bigger house that is just what the real estate housing markets offers for effective immediate growth.

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