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An Essay is a short piece of writing which is often written from an author's personal point of view. Essays can consist of a number of elements, including: literary criticism, political manifestos, learned arguments, observations of daily life, recollections, and reflections of the author. The definition of an essay is vague, overlapping with those of an article and a short story. Almost all modern essays are written in prose,

Essay Writing:--

Introduction to learning about essay writing

What is an essay?

An essay is a written composition containing an expression of one's personal opinions or ideas on a subject. The process of selection and arrangement must always be completed, before you begin to write your essay.

Collection of Material:

Your first task is to collect your material. When you have collected a good store of ideas your next task is to take stock of them. Take care that none of your ideas are repeated.

Arrangement of material:

The next step is to arrange your stock of ideas and facts in logical order, according to a definite plan. You wil find that your ideas will fall into certain divisions. Each of these divisions will form a paragraph.


Before beginning to write an essay, you should make a brief outline of the main heads, under which you will arrange your ideas. Arrange under each main head the ideas you have collected. In this way, you will be able to exclude all those ideas which are not necessary for your subject. Take care that each thought really belongs to the head under which it is placed.


Pay attention to the following points in your paragraphs:-

1. The paragraph must treat of one main head only.

2. There should be both short and long paragraphs.

3. Remember that the first and last sentences of a paragraph attract most attention. The first sentence generally states the subject and the last sentence sums up effectively what has been said in the paragraph.

4. There must be a logical sequence of thought in each paragraph.

5. There should be a suitable connection between the paragraphs.

Learning about Essay Writing-parts of the Essay

An essay is generally divided into three parts:-

1. The Introduction 2. The Body 3. The Conclusion

1. The Introduction: In a short essay, this should be very brief. It should not be bigger than the body of the essay itself. It generally consists of a very short paragraph. But it should always be very interesting. The introduction consists of a definition or explanation of the title. Sometimes it consists of a very brief story or some general remark relating to the given subject.

2. The Body: This is the main part of the essay. It consists of the facts, illustrations, reflections of the writer on the given subject. Here you should follow closely your outline. The paragraphs should be well constructed. The proper connection between one paragraph and another should be shown. Keep to the point.

3. The Conclusion: The Ending, like the Beginning, should be short and striking. It should be natural. See that your essay does not come to an end abruptly. A simple sentence, sometimes, if expressed properly, will make a good ending. A good way to conclude an essay is to give a shot summary of the ideas contained in the middle part of the essay. As a writer says: 'The last sentence, above all, should be pleasing both to the mind and to the ear'.

Learning Style in Essay Writing

Style in Essay Writing:

The style in which the essay is to be written is the most important. The following points should be carefully attended to:-

1. Take great care to select only such words and phrases as exactly express the ideas which you have in your mind.

2. Frame your sentences in sucha way that they are short, clear and simple.

3. Avoid the use of unnecessary words.

4. Do not use a word or phrase the meaning of which you do not know.

5. Be clear in what you write.

6. Be direct, simple, brief and natural.

Learning Hints on Essay Writing:

Bear in mind the following rules:-

1. Do not start writing at once.

2. Set down the various ideas that come to you.

3. Select your ideas carefully.

4. Stick to these points.

5. Arrange your ideas.

6. Divide your essay into paragraphs.

7. Divide your essay into three parts - the Introduction, the Body, and the Conclusion.

8. Use simple words and short sentences.

9. Be clear as well as brief.

10. Be interesting as well as to the point.

11. Revise carefully what you have written. Correct all mistakes in spelling, capital letters, grammar, punctuation, etc.

Classification of Essays

Essays may be divided into Narrative, Descriptive, Reflective, Expository, and Imaginative essays.

How to Start Writing Essay:-->

Introduction to how to start writing essay :-

To start writing essay one needs pre hand preparations. One should know what kind of essay it is. Essay's are classified into different types, which makes easy for us to start writing essay. Classification of essay : -

  1. Reflective essay

  2. Narrative essay

  3. Descriptive essay

  4. Explanatory essay

  5. Imaginative essay

How to Start Writing Different Kinds of Essays:-

Reflective essay is generally of an abstract nature. Which means it needs thought on the subject. For example riches and poor, truthfulness, patriotism etc.

The name itself suggests that to start writing a narrative essay means the narration of some event or series of events. For example : - an accident, natural disaster, Marriage, picnic etc.

Where as to start writing essay on descriptive essay in which there is description of a place or a thing. For example : - Elephant, Taj Mahal, Bombay etc.

Explanatory essay consists of an explanation of some subject like parliament, astronomy, farming etc. So to write an essay on explanatory essay one needs good knowledge on the given subject.

In an imaginative essay one has to write essay on the topic like the autobiography of a horse, If I were the king etc., which needs only imagination.

Various Steps to be Kept in Mind while Starting to Write an Essay:-

  1. General preparation: - To start writing essay one needs lot of matter for it. Which can be obtained by reading various books, observation and conversation.

  2. Special preparation: - Defining subject, Collecting materials, and logical arrangement.

  3. Defining the subject:- It is very important as one should have a clear and accurate conception of the subject. One should understand the meaning of topic which means what it is and what it is not. For example : - The influence of railway travelling on Indian social life. This topic is not suggesting to write the essay on railway of India but rather it is saying that the social customs of India are changing due to travelling in railways.

  4. Collecting material: - For some subjects a little reflection will supply with sufficient material. But for some subject we need special information for example if the essay is given on any country you never visited then you will have to get hold of some books and read the subject. So this will help you in collection the material for the topic given.

  5. Logical arrangement: - The logical order in which you can arrange the points you have selected. Without it , the essay will probably be bad arranged, rambling, disproportioned, and full of repetitions and irrelevancies.

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