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Improve English Writing:

Introduction on how to improve English writing

Writing requires proficiency in the language. The progress in writing skill cannot be developed with the mere knowledge of English. It requires persistent efforts in improving the standard and style of presentation. The learner must be aware of the latest developments in the usage of the language. Therefore, it becomes obligatory that to improve English writing, one must begin with the correction of errors in the fundamentals of the language.

How to Improve English Writing

In order to improve writing skills there should be sound knowledge of the grammatical system of English. This would enhance framing of proper sentences and the interchange between sentences becomes easier. The next step would be the accumulation of vocabulary. The Thesaurus is an authentic source that provides a gallery of words with subtle shades of meanings. The use of the Thesaurus would help in acquiring the most appropriate word to the situation demanded. Further, the writer should be able to locate a particular writing style that could be adopted as his own. From being an imitator of a particular style, the writer has to show maturity in his writings by acquiring a unique pattern of sentence construction that he could claim as his own. Once the style is developed, the writer has the freedom to play about within the contours of the type of work require. It is evident that every writer develops a style that would best suit his thought pattern.

There are several ways to write effectively. The purpose of effective writing is to drive home the point that the audience receives the work and understands the artist thoroughly. It is only through a deliberate effort that the writer can enhance his writing skills. English is a language that is easy to comprehend and use. Since it is a non-inflectional language, the various associations of the words as well as their correct usage can be acquired with the help of structured learning or informally through books that guide writers into good writing. Oxford and Cambridge publications have brought out several books that provide tips to good writing. A careful study of the materials would provide the reader with the necessary information on the development of writing skills in English.

How to Improve English Writing - Conclusion

The need of the hour is to master the language to be able to contribute effectively to the readers of English. One can improve the standard of a language through painstaking efforts. A positive step in this direction would definitely provide a solution to the stumbling block of acquisition of the skills involved in the language.

English Writing Help

Introduction to writing help in English:

Writing is one grey area where all students irrespective of their geographical locations need help. Even students who are generally good in spoken form of English struggle to cope with writing assignments. Writing demands coherent thinking and proper explanation of thought. Very few students have the natural ability to write well and majority of the students require instant writing help.

Inside View of English Writing Help:

The major part of the work that the students are assigned when they are in the higher class or in the college level is writing. They are given prompts and are asked to write an essay which ranges anything between three hundred to thousand and odd words and for completion of these assignments the students seek instant writing help. The tutors who handle these type of students in writing English essays must be competent enough to handle this aspect of teaching. While we agree tutoring itself is an art it should also be recognized that in teaching, helping students to write is a separate art by itself. Some tutors may be good in tutoring text books and may not be confident in offering writing help.

Students come to the tutors with two major types of essay writing to the tutors and they are writing essay for a given prompt and another is literary response that is they have to respond verbally to a prompt or short write up or a literary text book. Both demand enormous writing skills on the part of the tutor if she or he is to help the students in this area.

The Knwoledge Transfer from Tutor to Student:

The tutor who helps student in writing must be well versed in many topics and should have a clear understanding of many topics. If necessary the tutor can refer to the web sources to get a clear idea of what the writing prompt is about. The tutor must also possess a good language skill and should be armed with good vocabulary so that the instant essays turn to be really good essays. And of course, it is redundant to say that that the tutor who is offering help in writing must be good in grammar too. If the tutor has sound knowledge of the topic, good language skills and logical organization of thought he or she becomes eligible to offer help in writing.

Write Letter in English

Every educated person should know how to write a clear and attractive letter. A good letter should be able to convey the required message across to the reader in a clear manner. Although writing a letter completely depends upon the writer's thoughts,it can be written in a beautiful way. A good and perfect letter can attract easily to anybody, so for practical reason each and every educated person must acquire the perfect way of letter writing.

Write Letter in English - the Form of Letters

There are many kinds of letters such as formal letters, friendly letters, business letters, applications etc. Each of which has its own particular forms, but there are certain matters of form which apply to all. There are six points of form which apply in all kinds of letters. These are:

(1) The Heading: This informs the reader where we wrote the letter and when we wrote the letter. The position of the heading is the top right - hand corner of the first page- the address above and the date just below it. The heading and the date may alternatively go on the left.

Example: 28 Gandhi Marg
New Delhi 110045
01 June 2010

(2) Salutation or Greetings: The form of greetings will depend upon the relation in which we stand to the person to whom we are writing.

Example: To members of the family, it will be the:
Dear Father, Dear Mother, Dear Jack etc.

To friends, it will be:
Dear Avnish, Dear Naman etc.

To business people, it will be:
Dear Sir, Dear madam, etc.

(3) Body of the letter: This is, of course, the letter itself, and the style in which it is written will depend largely upon the kind of letter we wish to write. But a few generic rules that apply to all letters are given below.

(a) Divide the letter (unless it is very short) into paragraphs, to mark changes of subject matter etc.

(b) Use simple and direct language and short sentences. Be clear about your thoughts and say it as directly as possible.

(c) A letter should be written neatly and should be complete. We should put down our points in some logical order.

(d) Mind the punctuation, and put in commas, semicolons and full stops in their proper places. Incorrect punctuation may change the whole meaning of a sentence.

(4) The subscription or conclusion: A letter must not end abruptly, simply with the writer’s name. This would look rude. So certain forms of polite leave- taking are prescribed. Such as:

Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully, Your sincere friend, etc.

The Leaving- taking phrase should be written below the last words of the letter, and to the right side of the page. However, now a days there is a growing tendency to change the style wherein the subscription is written on the left side.

(5) The Signature or name of the writer: This must come below the subscription.

In letters to strangers, the signature along with the name should be written for clarity.

(6) The subscription on the envelope: The address on the envelope or the postcard should be written clearly.

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