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The law of Conservation of Energy is an empirical law of physics. It states that the total amount of energy in an isolated system remains constant over time (is said to be conserved over time). A consequence of this law is that energy can neither be created or destroyed: it can only be transformed from one state to another. The only thing that can happen to energy in a closed system is that it can change form: for instance chemical energy can become kinetic energy.

Albert Einstein's theory of relativity shows that mass is a form of energy (see rest mass energy) so they can transform one into another. So the distinction between "matter" particles (such as those constituting atoms) and energy particles (say photons of light) is not wide - they can turn one into other (see annihilation and matter creation). However, this conversion does not affect the total energy of closed systems. So conservation of energy refers to the conservation of the total energy of an isolated system over time (including rest mass energy mc^2 associated with the rest mass of particles) and all other forms of energy (kinetic, potential, nuclear, chemical, thermal, etc) in the system together.

Introduction to kinetic energy conversion:

The capacity to perform any work is called the energy. There are several types of energy. For example, kinetic energy, potential energy, heat energy, atomic energy, nuclear energy, solar energy, electric energy etc. All types of the energies are scalar in quantity. The Standard International unit of the energy is Joule. Here we discuss that how kinetic energy converts in the another form of the energy.

Kinetic Energy Conversion:

The kinetic energy of the body is due to the motion of the body. The energy possessed by the virtue to the motion of the body is called the kinetic energy. The formula to calculate the amount of kinetic energy stored in the body is ½ mv2, where m is the mass of the body and v be the velocity of the body. As we know the la of conservation of energy, the energy cannot be created or destroyed but it can be transformed into one from of the energy into another. So, we can say that if a body has some kinetic energy it can be transformed into another form. For example is a body is throwing towards the wall, the kinetic energy is converted in the sound energy and so on.

Example of Kinetic Energy Conversion:

Now let us take an example to explain the conversion of kinetic energy in another forms. Consider a ball of mass m is throwing vertically upwards with velocity v so that it reaches up to the maximum height h. At the ground the ball has kinetic energy ½ mv2, as the ball goes up and up the kinetic energy converts in the form of the potential energy and at the maximum height the total kinetic energy gets converted into the potential energy which is equal to mgh, where g is the acceleration due to gravity. According, to the law of conservation of energy the kinetic energy at the ground is equal to the potential energy at the maximum height if we consider that there is no resistance due to air. So, the total kinetic energy of the ball is converted in the form of the potential energy at the maximum height.

kinetic conversion

Image of kinetic energy conversion

Introduction for Wavelength to energy calculator:

The length of one wave is nothing but wavelength of a wave. It is equal to the distance travelled by the wave during the time, any one particle of the medium completes one vibration about its mean position. The wavelength can also be defined as the distance between any two nearest particles of the medium which are vibrating in the same phase.Energy of a wave is defined as the capacity or ability of the wave to do the work. When a wave is capable of doing more work i.e. it is capable to passing through a thick medium or it is capable of eject more electrons from the surface of any material then the wave is said to possess more energy.

Wavelength to Energy Conversion

Wavelength and the energy of the wave are interconnected in such a manner that by knowing the wavelength one can find the energy and vice versa. The relationship between the wavelength and energy is given as

E = h c / λ or

wavelength and energy

where E is the energy of the wave and c is the velocity of the wave which is equal to the velocity of light and h is Planck’s constant and λ is the wavelength of the wave. The above relation is true for the electromagnetic waves i.e. for the photons. If we have to find the wavelength from the energy for the electrons then the relation used is

velocity of light

Conclusion for Wavelength to Energy Conversion

In the above expression of the wavelength h is the Planck’s constant and e is the charge on the electron and mo is the mass of the electron and c is the velocity of light and Vo is the potential applied to give the energy to the electrons.If one knows only the kinetic energy of the particle instead of the total energy of the particle then the wavelength of the particle is found using the formula

kinetic energy of the particle

where all symbols are similar as in the previous case except the symbol K which is the kinetic energy of the particle.

Introduction to Solar Flood Lights:

The solar flood lights are the lights powered by the solar energy; solar energy is one of the renewable energy which is in a very vast and huge quantity. The solar flood lights also make use of this solar energy to work, the special materials called photovoltaic with photoelectric feature which converts the solar energy into useful electric energy which is used in solar flood lights. These solar flood lights are much expensive than the normal flood lights, but we can save the monthly expenses on the electric charges.

Conversion of Solar Energy

Solar Flood Lights

The solar energy is converted by the solar cells or solar panels which are made up of photovoltaic wafers; this material with some technology converts the solar energy into the electric energy. These solar cells grab and store the solar energy in the day time and make use of this energy in the night time for many proposes.

Uses of Solar Flood Lights

The flood lights are usually used for the outdoor applications like street lights, sign boards, flood lights in stadiums, protection lights, flood lights in light house towers, flood lights used in airport runways, remote areas and etc.

Flood lights

These solar flood lights are used in the homes to illuminate some part of the area around the house in the night, as these solar flood lights uses the LED light bulbs, there is no need of connecting these lights to the electric source as it was done in the conventional flood lights.

These solar flood lights help a lot in many areas and all the places as the solar energy is available in every place, this solar energy is free of cost it just needs an initial investment, after that there will be no need to invest anything on that apart from the maintenance cost of that light for every 3 to 4 months. We can save lot of money by using these types of lights every where possible on the earth and with money we can even make less use of the normal electricity what we produce.

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