The California High School Exit Exam (or CAHSEE), created by the California Department of Education is a prerequisite for high school graduation in California. It seeks to improve the academic performance of California high school students, and especially of high school graduates, in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics.


The CAHSEE covers both the English-language arts (ELA) and Mathematics. The ELA addresses state content standards through grade ten. In reading, this includes vocabulary, literary texts, comprehension and analysis of information. In writing, this includes writing strategies, applications, along with English grammar, spelling and punctuation. The mathematics part of the CAHSEE includes statistics, data analysis and probability, number sense, measurement and geometry, mathematical reasoning, and algebra along with arithmetic skills like working with decimals, fractions, and percents.

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Personalized:Our tutoring is completely one -on one and personalized. We create a personalized CASHEE online tutoring program based on an initial diagnostic test and work on helping you master every topic.

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Comprehensive: We offer a comprehensive reviews of essential skills and test-specific step-by-step problem solving strategies.

Intensive: We offer focused content instruction appropriate for each grade level,systematic logical test-taking strategies, and practice testing to ensure that students maximize their performance in the CAHSEE.


Homework Assignment Help CASHEE prep helps you get ready for the ELA part of the exam. Our tutoring includes Vocabulary, Comprehension and Analysis of information and literary texts. Our test prep tutoring also includes Writing strategies, Applications, Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation.


Homework Assignment Help CASHEE tutoring is intensive and focused. Our Math tutoring includes coaching in topics like Statistics, Algebra 1, Data analysis and probability, Number sense, Measurement and geometry, Mathematical reasoning and Algebra.

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